This is the dareactive story - founded in Stockholm Sweden


Using exercise to get through life’s misfortunes is what the idea of dareactive was founded on. dareactive means fighting, daring to believe in yourself and having a positive attitude that everything in life is possible.


We’ve all had those moments when motivation isn’t at its peak. And that’s when clothes can give us the motivational kick we need. After many years of being a major sportswear consumer, and testing out most brands on the market, it felt like something was missing.


Which is when the idea was born to create timeless and multi-functional sportswear for women, clothes that could be worn at the gym or in everyday life, clothes with a clear environmental profile.


Johan Pokorny and Dilber Demirbag started the dareactive company together in 2019, focused on athleisure wear for women. Our clothes are produced from recycled material to the greatest extent possible and manufactured in Europe.

Without 20 years of exercise experience, and without the challenges that Dilber Demirag faced along the way, dareactive would never have existed today.


The story of Dilber Demirbag


Dilber was born to very simple circumstances in a village in eastern Turkey. But complications arose, and Dilber’s 19-year-old mother didn’t survive childbirth.  Dilber grew up instead with her maternal grandparents, who became like her own parents. 


In spite of her tough start to life, Dilber was greatly loved by, and received a positive attitude to life from, her grandmother and other women who were important during her childhood in the village.


When she was 13 years old Dilber moved to Sweden to be with her father. She was met with more challenges, both in integrating into the new community and getting to know her father at the same time. At just 16 years old, she ran away because of conflicts at home.


When Dilber had just turned 34 years old she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It felt like her whole world fell apart and she was afraid of having to leave her three children. Today, Dilber is a strong, healthy and successful woman. Much, according to herself, thanks to the training she has gone through the hardships of life.


Dilber Demirbag’s story has led to the creation of what today is dareactive. It is a product made from determination and the mindset that everything is possible. That’s exactly what dareactive is about.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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